Automobile Accidents

Sumner & Associates, P.C. handles a multitude of cases involving automobile insurance and automobile accidents. These cases range from the more typical automobile accidents to death and catastrophic injuries, including highly complex cases involving highway design, product liability and liquor liability. Our lawyers regularly handle complex cases involving multiple defendants, including state and local governments, the Michigan Department of Transportation, and automobile manufacturers. One of our Attorneys is a former Insurance Company Lawyer and has acted as arbitrators in uninsured and under insured motorist cases.

Liquor Liability

Liquor liability involves bodily injury or personal damage in which a person or business can be held responsible for:

-causing or contributing to the intoxication of a person;
-furnishing alcoholic beverages to a person under the legal drinking age or under the influence of alcohol; or
-violating any statute, ordinance or regulation relating to the sale, distribution or use of alcoholic beverages.

As many automobile accidents involve the use or misuse of alcohol, liquor liability holds those parties who have provided alcohol to those already intoxicated or those under the legal drinking age responsible for their actions. Sumner & Associates, P.C. has handled many cases involving liquor liability.

Construction Accidents

Accidents at construction sites can often result in serious injuries or death. Sumner & Associates, P.C. has successfully handled many of these cases, including accidents from defective or collapsing scaffolds and fall-offs or through roofing structures. Other cases include electrocutions, ladder injuries, and injuries or death from the collapse of floors and walls.

We begin our case by investigating the owners, architects, insurance companies as well as the manufacturers of equipment to determine if the proper safety regulations are followed. A Construction Management company or General Contractor is required to provide a reasonably safe workplace which requires it to warn of dangers on site, hire competent contractors and employees who will work safely and initiate, supervise and coordinate the work being performed by all contractors on site.

Construction site accidents often involve defective machinery or equipment including scaffolding, formwork, cranes, power tools, hoists, conveyors, ladders, tractors and forklifts.

Construction workers represent 7% of the work force yet account for 20% of all fatalities in industrial accidents according the US Department of Labor. One third of all fatalities result from falls from elevation. While falls represent the majority of the cases we handle we have represented workers injured from collapse of formwork, scaffolding and other structures, electrical injuries, and cases where workers are “struck by” objects causing serious injury.

At Sumner & Associates, P.C. we have represented numerous construction workers over the years. Attorney Scott Sumner, J.D., has a degree in Construction Management from Michigan State University and has experience in the Construction Industry and we have committed to doing whatever needs to be done to secure justice for our clients. We have not only achieved the best result possible but have insisted that employers correct unsafe practices to prevent needless pain and suffering.


Birth Trauma

A number of our medical malpractice cases have dealt with birth injuries such as cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy (CP) is a muscle control disorder that occurs when the part of the brain known as the cerebrum is damaged. Patients with cerebral palsy have difficulty controlling their movements and may have visual, auditory, and speech impairments as well as learning disabilities. Motor skills are limited, and seizures can occur in some cases. Cerebral palsy usually occurs around the time of birth and can be caused by medical malpractice. In some cases, a doctor may not recognize problems that can occur during labor or may fail to quickly and appropriately respond once a problem is identified. If the doctor’s negligent actions lead to a brain injury that causes cerebral palsy, he or she may be guilty of medical malpractice.

We also represent victims of other birth injuries, including Erb’s palsy, usually the result of shoulder dystocia and brain damage. When the physician fails to act appropriately during a birth trauma situation, he or she may be guilty of medical negligence. Because the results of birth injuries are often devastating to families both emotionally and financially, the law seeks to protect victims.

Unfortunately, medical negligence can sometimes result in the death of a baby. If a doctor does not take the necessary steps to save an infant’s life, we prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Every child deserves a chance, and there is no excuse for negligence or malpractice that takes your child’s life.

Failure to Diagnose or Misdiagnosis of Cancer

Unfortunately, medical negligence can sometimes result in the misdiagnosis of Cancer and other serious and deadly diseases. If a doctor does not take the necessary steps to ensure your diagnosis and get fast action to save a life, we prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Every person should have an accurate diagnosis and deserves a chance, and there is no excuse for negligence or malpractice that takes or almost takes a life, which could have been avoided.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is by far one of life’s more difficult experiences. When that death is a result of someone’s negligent or wrongful behavior, pain is often more overwhelming. A drunk driver who kills a pedestrian, a surgeon whose negligence costs a patient their life, a manufacturer who fails to check his product’s safety leads to a consumer death – these are just a few examples of wrongful death cases.

Slips and Falls

Sumner & Associates, P.C. has successfully handled many slip and fall cases, some involving catastrophic injuries and death. Sumner & Associates, P.C., has experience in cases that involve steps, tile floors, wood floors, sidewalks and other surfaces. When needed, we employ forensic experts, such as engineers, who can establish coefficients of friction for various surfaces, as well as an analysis of conditions arising from design inadequacies or the failure to adhere to applicable building codes.

A slip and fall is a generic term for an injury that occurs when someone slips, trips or falls as a result of a dangerous or hazardous condition on someone else’s property. It includes falls as a result of water, ice or snow, as well as abrupt changes in flooring, poor lighting or even a hidden hazard such as a gap or hard to see hole in the ground.

Property owners are responsible for injuries that occur as a result of a dangerous or hazardous condition on their property, which the owner knew about, or should have known about. These conditions may be obvious, such as ice or snow on a sidewalk, or hidden, such as a hole in a lawn that may be obscured by grass. In general, an owner will be considered to have knowledge of a dangerous or hazardous condition if it is permanent in nature, since the owner knew, or should have known, about the condition before the incident occurs. In cases of temporary conditions, such as a liquid spill, the extent of time that the condition existed before the incident actually occurred has legal significance. If the spill occurred just before the incident, a property owner may not be liable, since the owner could not have known about the spill before the slip and fall occurred. However, if the spill was present for some period of time before the incident, or occurs in an area subject to frequent spills, then the owner may be liable; even if they were unaware the spill had occurred.

Recoverable Damages

Depending upon the jurisdiction and facts of your slip and fall case, the following damages MAY BE recoverable:

  • Medical bills and expenses incurred as a result of the incident;
  • Lost income for time from work to recovery;
  • Compensation for pain and suffering as a result of the incident; and
  • General damages