Testimonials & Awards

Scott Sumner was recommended to my wife and I for estate planning. He was a pleasure to deal with. Using everyday clear language, he took us through our options and needs. We are very satisfied with our estate plan. Something we should have done years ago.
  • Gordon
  • DUI Attorney
I truly believe, from my own personal experience, that you will be hard pressed to find the very best in representation and legal advise as you will from Scott Sumner and his team. Scott and his right hand expert in the office, Sarah, demonstrated their knowledge and expertise with the process and law and were always available to answer my calls or return them same day...
  • Ralph
  • Criminal Defense Attorney
Attorney Sumner and with his assistant Sarah Aldred created wills, and a trust, durable power of attorney, and healthcare directives for my wife and I. He provided lots of useful instructions and reasons to help us properly implement the plan, and provided an organized binder containing the legal documents as well as sections for other documents and information for survivors to more easily carry on and carry out our wishes.
  • Bill
  • Family Law Attorney
He answered all our questions patiently. Very knowledgeable and professional.
  • Shari
  • Rochester Attorney
I went to Scott Sumner to handle preparing a full trust for myself and my husband. We recently had our first child and wanted to be sure that we have things in place should something happen while she is a minor. It's the stuff you don't want to think about but Scott and his team were great at working with us, answering questions and getting us prepared. We now have peace of mind knowing that our little one is protected and a plan in place for her. I will see Scott and team for any future needs should they arise. Great experience!!!!!!
  • Stacey
  • 5 Star Lawyer
My husband and I met with Scott for estate planning. He was thorough, professional, clear, and pleasant. We highly recommend Scott and his staff for your legal needs.
  • Linda
  • Metro-Detroit Attorney
Mr. Sumner did some estate planning for our family. His process was flawless, well-conceived and individualized. We needed a few oddball items for which he supplied the legal background and wordsmithing necessary to clarify our needs.
  • Raegen
  • Criminal Defense lawyer
Scott is an excellent attorney. He was my divorce lawyer and also represented me in my post divorce custody and child support case. My expectations were met and I'm very satisfied with the outcomes. He knows the law and very experienced. He is very affable, reliable, and his legal fees are fair and reasonable. He listened to my concerns and goals, and worked diligently to address them to my satisfaction. I've already recommended him to several friends and acquaintances, and I'll continue to do so!
  • Elive
  • DUI Lawyer
I had the best experience ever with this group they did my living will and did a trust for my mentally handicapped son, since I'm his guardian. They explained everything to me and did it quite swiftly. Have recommended them to others at work as well.
  • Cynthia
  • Our Testimonials
My wife and I were both pleased with the professional services by Scott Sumner and Associates. The entire staff is extremely competent, friendly, and well qualified for all our needs.
  • David
  • Family Lawyer
My wife and I had a will/trust set up. Much of this was new to us - Scott did an excellent job explaining the details of what we were doing and why, was patient in answering our questions, and ensured we were satisfied and understood things before we left. I'd recommend him to anyone thinking of setting up a will or trust.
  • Dan
  • Family Law Rocherster
I'm a University of Michigan retiree and in 2015 they offered legal services through Hyatt. So I took advantage of this to get a trust set up saving about $2,000. One of Scott's associates was very helpful working with us and we got it taken care of.
  • Rich
  • Michigan Attorney
Had good experience with preparing living will & trust. Scott and his staff made my visits pleasant and extremely comforting by providing most information and answers without having to list many questions. Would definitely use this law firm again.
  • Mark
  • Divorce lawyer Michigan
We used Sumner and Associates to assist us with a home builder who failed to complete several repairs on our newly constructed home. Scott was very professional and comfortable to work with. He contacted the builder and was able to expedite the needed repairs, much to our satisfaction. Scott has also represented me for traffic violations, again with excellent results. We would highly recommend Sumner and Associates.
  • Dave
  • Divorce Attorney
Front office staff very friendly and courteous, very thorough estate planning, able to answer all our questions, and was completed in a timely manner. Assisted us in what to do once planning completed to get the proper names on all our accounts! Everything in an organized folder. Would highly recommend!!!
  • Nicole
  • Family Law and Criminal Defense Michigan