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Parenting time is generally granted to the non-custodial parent. The judgment may order general parenting time, leaving it up to the parties to decide the dates, or it may provide specific parenting time hours and dates. If long distances must be traveled to exercise this parenting time, arrangements can be made to share the cost. Parenting time rights may be enforced in the same manner as rights to spousal support. Judgments of divorce provide that the minor child may not be permanently removed from the jurisdiction of the court without the court’s approval. To move with the child from Michigan, the custodial parent must petition the court for an order. Parenting time orders may be modified on a showing of a change in circumstances. If parenting time has been wrongfully denied, the law allows this time to be made up and permits a contempt of court action to be brought against the offending parent that can lead to a fine or jail term. Failure to pay child support is not an acceptable reason to deny parenting time.