Do you need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Clinton Township?

Sumner & Associates, P.C. handles a multitude of cases involving automobile insurance, automobile accidents and personal injury cases. These cases range from the more typical car accidents to death and catastrophic injuries, including highly complex cases involving highway design, product liability and liquor liability. 

Our lawyers regularly handle complex personal injury cases in Michigan, including those involving multiple defendants, state and local governments, the Michigan Department of Transportation, and automobile manufacturers directly. One of our attorneys is a former Insurance Company Attorney and has acted as arbitrators in uninsured and under-insured motorist cases. For A Free Accident Consultation, call our Clinton Township office at (586) 573-7200

We pride ourselves on personalized service and dedication to excellence.  We’ll make sure you fully understand your options.  

personal injury lawyer clinton township

Some of the most common personal injury cases we see include:

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Liquor Liability
  • Construction Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Wrongful Death
  • Slip and Fall Accidents

We also see cases related to bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, UBER accidents, pedestrian accidents, defective and dangerous products, elder abuse, nursing home abuse, and more. To see if your situation entitles you to financial compensation, and for your free upfront case evaluation, contact a personal injury attorney at Sumner & Associates today.

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Jason Kim
Jason Kim
January 2, 2023.
Wife and I went to get our will and trust made. The staff was very polite. Scott was very thorough and informative with everything. Made the process smooth and easy!
Dave Ankersen
Dave Ankersen
December 21, 2022.
Very knowledgeable, friendly and expedient. A job well done.
Beth McGrath
Beth McGrath
December 6, 2022.
Great experience from beginning to end. Scott was thorough and professional and the follow up with Sarah and Rori was prompt and clear. The complexity of estate planning was made understandable. Thank you to the team.
jade nguyen
jade nguyen
November 16, 2022.
The company I work for have a list of lawyers that they referred employees to. After researching and reading reviews we decided to go with Scott from Sumner and Associate. After working with Scott, I now understand why he has so many good reviews. Scott was knowledgeable and was so great at explaining all the law nuances that are very hard to understand for the general public. He guided my husband and I throughout the whole estate planning process and gave us the peace of mind that we needed. I cannot recommend him enough to my friends and family.
Jeanne Burns
Jeanne Burns
August 28, 2022.
Rick Buckley
Rick Buckley
June 23, 2022.
Mr. Sumner and staff are professional, proficient, and courteous. Our legal matters were handled without issue and we were provided the necessary guidance from initial contact thru to completion.
Jim Morrocco
Jim Morrocco
June 23, 2022.
I recently used Sumner and Associates to create a living trust. The process was very organized and logical. The accompanying the trust documents in explaining (or reminding) me how to put my assets into the trust. It is very comforting now that I have completed my tasks that I have taken care of this for my children. Thanks again Scott for a pleasant and rewarding experience.
Tom Weng
Tom Weng
June 22, 2022.
This office provides a comprehensive "system" for Estate Planning (the service we use). Not just prepare us with basic knowledge about the topic before we meet personally but also allow us to think through key components/element requrred prior to the meet, Scott really looking into what our need are (not just provide us a can package) and guided us to reach our goal with minimum effort on our side. We walk out thier office not just feel confidently we have a good plan in hands but also additional things/tips worth to consider (provided by Scott) beyond Estate Planning. Thank you, Scott and Sarah!!! Great service you provided to us!!!
Renee Ramirez
Renee Ramirez
June 7, 2022.
I had a great experience at Sumner Law, everyone was friendly, professional, on-time, and made the process very smooth for me. Highly recommended!!
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What qualifies as personal injury?

Personal injury is a legal term to define damage to a person’s body, mind or emotional health, as opposed to property damages to material things. 

What are the 3 types of damages?

Damages are money awards, in a civil court, to compensate injured people who have been harmed by the negligence of a third party. In a personal injury case, there are three (3) types of damages that need to be evaluated and they are: Economic, Non-Economic and Punitive damages. Punitive damages are meant to punish the bad actor, but not used in a typical person injury case. However,  the most typical damages are Economic and Non-economic damages, which are also known as compensatory damages. These type of damages are meant to restore or make the individual whole economically. 

For example, after a personal injury due to a car accident, you can claim damages for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and future loss of earnings. Plus, you can claim damages to personal property as well, like clothing and damages items, you can claim damages for travel, family help or equipment you may have had to buy, due to your injury. 

What are examples of personal injury?

Some examples of personal injury are cases dealing with: Auto injury, Truck Injury, Motor cycle injury, Medical Malpractice, Slip and Fall accidents, Dog Bite and Wrongful death claims. Even an intentional act such as Assault, can cause personal injury. 

Is emotional distress a personal injury?

Michigan courts recognize emotional distress as a type of mental suffering or anguish induced by an incident of negligence or intent. 

What is a good settlement offer?

There a many factor that must be considered in determining a good settlement offer. You must first determine many factors before one starts to negotiate a personal injury case value. First, determine what type of personal injury case is it? Is it an auto accident? Slip and Fall? Malpractice, Wrongful death? Each type of personal injury case has a unique way of being evaluated. Is an injury from whiplash, auto accident, back injury, knee injury, or slip and fall, injury?  Second, there must be liability and more importantly the “ability to prove liability” of the other party. Third, is that the other party must be more than 50 % at fault? And finally, what damages did the injured party sustain?  There are many more factors to consider beyond these in determining a good settlement. And that is why it is best to talk to a personal injury lawyer, as soon as possible, after an injury accident.


Recover Damages With a Clinton Township Personal Injury Lawyer

When you need a personal injury lawyer, Clinton Township leaves you with a compassionate, hardworking team of personal injury attorneys. Sumner & Associates, P.C. stands ready to be your guide in securing compensation when damages pile up after an accident. Our team of organized, compassionate, and experienced lawyers is available to answer all your questions.

Discuss your personal injury claim today. Contact Sumner & Associates, P.C. at (586) 573-7200 for a free consultation in Clinton Township.