Keeping your Record Clean

More young people now have a chance to correct past mistakes and keep criminal records clean.

The Holmes Youthful Trainee Act or HYTA (MCL 762.11 et seq.) was enacted with the thought and understanding that we are all human and sometimes make mistakes. Those mistakes can be corrected if a criminal defendant is eligible for and granted HYTA status.

You can be granted HYTA status, after pleading guilty to certain crimes. This conviction will not be placed on your record, IF you successfully complete all probation requirements. If you violate your probation, HYTA status can be revoked. The consequence is that the conviction will be placed on your criminal record and be available for anyone in the public to see. However, if you successfully complete your probation, the conviction can be dismissed and your criminal record will be sealed.

You can be eligible for HYTA status if you and your criminal conviction meet certain requirements. As recently as August 2015, law makers expanded HYTA eligibility. Previously, only criminal defendants who committed crimes between the ages of 17-21 years could be considered for HYTA status, but now, a criminal defendant as old as 24 years could be eligible.

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