Teen Drivers

Teen Driver’s and Parents

*Credit to Michigan SOS Website for Information


If you are under 18 years, here is how the Michigan Graduated Driver’s License System works:


Important Driving Information:


  1. Kelsey’s Law: Mobile phones banned for Level 1 and Level 2 Driver’s

Under state law, you are prohibited from initiating a call, answering a call, or listening to or engaging in verbal communication through a mobile phone. If ticketed, you could receive up to $295 in fines and costs. Exceptions are if you are using a voice-operated system or a phone to:

  • Report a traffic accident, medical emergency or serious road hazard.
  • Report a situation in which you believe your personal safety is in jeopardy.
  • Report or prevent a crime or potential crime against yourself or another person.
  1. Speed Limits

The standard speed limits defined under the Michigan Vehicle Code are as follows:

  • 15 mph- mobile home parks and some municipal parks
  • 25 mph- subdivisions and condominium complexes
  • 45 mph- In a work zone if posted. If a work zone is not posted for 45 mph, then the speed limit is the normal speed limit for that area.
  • 55 mph- Unless otherwise posted, on all streets that are not designated freeways and on all highways
  • 70 mph maximum/55 mph minimum – On all freeways unless posted otherwise. School buses and trucks are restricted to 60 mph. On freeways with speed limits less than 70 mph, school buses and trucks are restricted to 55 mph.


  1. Driving Record– maintained by the Secretary or State for EVERY driver in Michigan and contains
  • Moving Violations- reported by law enforcement
  • Traffic accidents- reported by law enforcement
    • Michigan
    • Other States- notify Michigan SOS
  • Alcohol convictions- reported through court system
  • Drug convictions- reported through court system
  • Suspended License statuses